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It was both meaningful and optimistic that the first MEET UP London had taken place since 2019 – organized by hotel designs inside the Minotti showroom in London – was themed “inspiring creativity”. As the world recharges its engines, after two of the strangest years in hospitality history, it feels like innovation is spreading faster than ever through the industry. Major wellness and wellness trends inspired the topic and facilities that Hotel Designs featured ahead of the networking event.

Before over 300 industry professionals were taken on their own sensory journey at MEET UP London to demonstrate the power of sound, color and smell, I met the architect of its Tom Middleton and wellness expert Ari Peralta, both where they were unable to host the in-person event to explore their facilities and understand the power of sensory design in 2022 and beyond.

Middleton, an award-winning composer, wellness architect, and sensory design technologist, discussed and demonstrated the mood-enhancing and feel-good properties of spatial sound, combined with imprinting scents scientifically designed to enhance the interior design, offering a personalized sensory arrival experience.

Meanwhile, Peralta, who is the founder of Arigami, showcased the power of color over our emotions using cutting-edge deep learning technologies and generative graphics. Peralta unveiled the “color bath” in a corner of the showroom, with the aim of resetting the senses.

MEET UP London was full of energy, sounds and conversations like no other. The dates for MEET UP London 2023 will be announced soon. Time is running out to book your tickets for MEET UP North, taking place in Manchester on May 19.

Main image credit: UnSplash/Hang Niu


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