Shelby County restaurant scores points March 8-14


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The lowest:

La Quinta Inn (Hotel)66 upgraded to 71
1236 Primacy Parkway Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: no hot water in entire hotel (corrected), mold found inside 6th floor ice machine, plastic knife found on fire extinguisher near room 502, 5th floor fire extinguisher expired in September 2021, smoke detector hanging on wall near room 421, smoke detectors off in room 500, emergency lights burned out on 6th floor, smoke detector not working in rooms 514-516, exit sign placed in the middle of the hallway indicating no exit, garbage can found in the east stairwell of the 4th floor, loose shower rods in rooms 622 and 220, dusty air conditioning vents in 622, lights out between rooms 505 and 507, 519 and 521, 606 and 608, lamp out in 622, mold and dust found in air vent near room 423 and rear elevator, hole found in door to bathroom in room 415 , stained and burnt mattress in 220, mattress topper was dusty and pillows were stained in room 622, ice buildup inside mini fridge inside 408, fire curtain in 220 has a hole, the floor of room 220 has been stained, mold is peeling in the laundry room, peeling wallpaper in 407 and 506, mold on the ceiling of 415

At Ben Yay’s71
51 South Main Street Memphis, TN 38103
Violations include: employee observed handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands, no paper towels in sink to wash hands, raw chicken stored on top of raw salmon in refrigerator, cutting boards need replacing, ice machine needs cleaning, no date markings on handy leftovers inside fridge, no labeling observed, employee observed without hair ties, brooms improperly stored, plugs Squeeze bottles to clean, stove to clean, dusty ceiling tiles, exterior of deep fryer to clean, men’s restroom not supplying enough hot water, walls and floors to clean, most recent inspection did not been published, compliance with the TN Non-Smoking Act

The Crescent Club85
6075 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: the ice machine must be cleaned; it needs to be rinsed, washed and sanitized, food is not properly stored above 41°F inside the prep cooler, the ice scoop is not properly stored on a plate next to the machine ice maker, cutlery not stored properly, multiple cutting boards need replacing, rinse temperature gauge inaccurate and not moving, insufficient lighting above stove.

at Lenny’s 85
3801 E Shelby Dr Memphis, TN 38118
Violations include: meat found with expiration date, incorrect dating, no thermometer observed in prep cooler, drain flies in food prep area, employee observed not wearing hair ties , ice shovel misplaced on ice machine, current permit not posted, inspection report not posted.

Miccos Sno Cones86
9077 Poplar Avenue Suite #103 Germantown, TN 38138
Violations include: no soap or paper towels at sink, date not present on fruit kept longer than 24 hours, box of ice cream cones stored on the floor, wiping rags misplaced on counters and in the 3 compartment sink, wiping cloths should be stored in an appropriate concentration of sanitizing solution, improper storage of single use items in boxes on the floor, the Sno Wizard machine has a rusty component inside interior used to shave ice, large rear freezer needs to be defrosted and cleaned, inside of cooler next to 3 compartments sink needs to be cleaned to remove debris, freezer interior needs to be cleaned to remove debris , no soap in employee bathroom and toilet paper not on rack, number of light fixtures lacks protection, current permit not posted and one currently posted has expired , inspect recent unpublished ion

Backyard Burgers #2189
6466 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: multiple items improperly stored in the prep cooler; temperature must be below 41°F, employee observed handling food without hair restraint, ice cream scoop stored on wall uncovered, oven interior must be cleaned, pans must be need replacing due to build up, ceiling tiles need to be cleaned or replaced, all lights above the stove have been burnt out and need replacing, recent inspection is not displayed

Downtown Crumpy89
336 N Dunlap St Memphis, TN 38105
Violations include: soap and paper towels not provided at sink for hand washing, inoperable thermometer inside freezer, employee preparing food without hair tie, dirty wiping cloths stored on prep table, single serve cups stored on floor, ammonia test strips not provided, cooler and freezers have dirty interior, covered trash can not provided in ladies restroom, no towels paper in men’s restroom, dumpster on grass not concrete, dirty equipment, floors, walls and ceiling.

Little Caesar89
2105 Union Memphis, TN 38104
Violations include: food equipment and/or utensils observed in moldy and dirty laundry areas, clothes airers had heavy soil build-up, three-compartment sink had mold residue, food observed stored on floors, improper storage of utensils, observed accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue and other debris on non-food contact surfaces, observed grease deposits on floors and under equipment, observed food particles on shelves, dishwashing area was not clean, non-food contact surfaces were not cleaned at a frequency to avoid dirt and soil build-up, top of dumpster open and trash in the parking lot.


Chickasaw Alley Bar
3395 Galloway Ave Memphis, TN 38122

Da Sauce Wings & Things
7020 E Shelby Drive, Suite 118 Memphis, TN 38125

Edible arrangements
6641 Poplar Ave, Suite #105 Germantown, TN 38138

Graceland Guest House (Grab & Go)
3600 Elvis Presley Memphis, TN 38115

Eastern Wild Hog
921 S. Yates Memphis, TN 38120

MIFA – Hollywood Community Center
1650 N. Hollywood St. Memphis, TN 38108

11695 Hwy 70 Suite 103 Arlington, TN 38002

Prohibition Fair
4855 American Way Memphis, TN 38118

Red Koi Japanese Cuisine – Bar
5847 Poplar Ave, Suite #101 Memphis, TN 38119

Robinson Smokehouse, LLC
354 Josephine Street Memphis, TN 38111

Pancakes & Waffles Mobile Unit Smurfey’s
2923 Invergarry Rd Memphis, TN 38128


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