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Isamaa’s picks Lea Danilson-Järg and Kristjan Järvan have never held office before and are not elected members of the Riigikogu.

The candidate Minister of Justice Danilson-Järg currently works as editor of the daily Postimees but was previously an adviser under the Centre/Isamaa/EKRE government (2019-2021).

“I have seen the work of the ministry up close when I worked for Population Minister Riina Solman, so I have no illusions that it will be somehow easy,” she told “Aktuaalne kaamera” on Thursday. “.

Issues in the coalition agreement that require its attention include electricity market reform and changes to family benefits.

Justiitsministri kandidaat Lea Danilson-Järg. Author/Allikas: Priit Murk/ERR

Start-up entrepreneur Järvan will become Minister for Entrepreneurship and IT, replacing Andres Sutt. He has been close to the party in the past and is one of the architects of Isamaa’s second pillar pension reform passed in 2020.

He will now focus on electricity market reform although he has no direct energy experience.

“I myself am a home consumer who will be in a difficult situation this winter and, as the analysis of the second pillar has proven, I have no problem tackling very complex problems and creating a new solution. “Järvan said.

“We all know that the winter will be very harsh and Isamaa’s wish is to leave no one behind and help all small consumers.”

Kristjan Jarvan. Source: Priit Murk/ERR

Four of the five SDE ministers will be new to the post. President Lauri Läänemets will become interior minister, his first ministerial post.

Peep Peterson, a longtime labor leader, will be Minister of Health and Labour. Over the years, he was responsible for negotiating the minimum wage. He received an official offer from the SDE on Thursday morning.

As minister, he will be responsible, among other things, for nursing home reform.

Another newcomer, Madis Kallas, currently mayor of the municipality of Saaremaa, who will become environment minister.

Piret Hartmann Source: Erakogu

Kallas said his current role as head of one of Estonia’s largest municipalities gives him a lot of knowledge and experience on environmental issues.

“[F]Fortunately or unfortunately, I have them on my desk every day. I dealt with them as mayor of Kuressaare and as mayor of Saaremaa,” he said.

This will also be Culture Minister Piret Hartman’s first ministerial assignment, but she also has experience in the field. Hartman is currently Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity at the Department of Culture and Chairman of the Board of the Integration Foundation.

Kallas: parties choose their own ministers

Reform is the only party in which each candidate has previous experience in a ministerial role, with four ministers retaining their positions from the last government.

Hanno Pevkur will replace Defense Minister Kalle Laanet (Reform), but he previously served as Minister of Social Affairs (2009-2012), Minister of Justice (2012-2014) and Minister of the Interior (2014-2016).

Riigikogu põhiseaduskomisjoni istung Author/Allikas: Siim Lõvi /ERR

Acting Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, who is a candidate for the same post, said the parties had proposed their own ministers. She said she was surprised by some of the people named.

When asked how happy she was with the new ministerial candidates, she said parties were looking for candidates until the last moment.

“We haven’t had time to examine them thoroughly, but each political party chooses its candidates for ministers and joins the government with them,” she said.

Kallas added that if it becomes clear that someone cannot do their job, they must be replaced.

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