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In the latest Instagram post, Sonam Kapoor shared glimpses of her son Vayu’s nursery with her fans. It was a message of appreciation for the people who helped her and her mother, Sunita Kapoor, set up this cozy space for the newborn.

The beautiful nursery has wallpapers, wooden furniture and toys for little Vayu. Looked.


Image Courtesy: Instagram/sonamkapoor

Vayu’s nursery is a small space with wallpaper on the ceiling and on the walls. The landscape has trees, clouds, animals and birds. They were taken from Wall Paper Scissor stores, run by Dhwani & Bhumika. They offer custom decors that can instantly enhance the look of any nursery.

The room has a finished wooden crib, chair and changing table. It was designed by Anusha Nanavati, owner of Anusha Nanavati Design Studio. She marvels at designing nurseries that make little humans feel at home. Kapoor said she designed the nursery in the shortest possible time for her, without any drama.

The actor wrote in his caption, “I was very sure that Anusha and Wallpaper Scissors would do a magnificent job of making my nativity scene in Bombay a wonder and a beauty and I was right!!!”


vayu changing table

Image Courtesy: Instagram/sonamkapoor

Vayu’s room has a cot with a white veil. It has a cozy and padded bed for the greatest comfort of the baby. The bedroom has a changing table with multiple drawers for story essentials for the baby. The top of the table had a space to change a diaper.

The other side of the room has a wooden wardrobe for storing clothes. It also has a rocking chair in the front where the new mother can rest and feed her baby.

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Dinky Nirh helps the actor put everything in place for the baby and his needs. Sukeena Rao, founder of Luminaire helped Kapoor with Vayu’s maternity clothes and wardrobe. She wrote, “Thanks to you my baby is the smartest little boy ever.”

Sonam Kapoor also thanked Rohini’s Organize with Ease for being considerate and putting everything together in the nursery while tracking the actor’s OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Special thanks to Sunita Kapoor

vayu nursery chair

Image Courtesy: Instagram/sonamkapoor

At the end, the actor thanked his mother, Sunita Kapoor, for moving “heaven and earth for everything. I love you mom.”

The gorgeous nursery that Sonam had given everyone credit for. She wrote: “This is not an advertisement but a token of gratitude to the kind women who have helped a new mum.”

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Celebrities like Mira Kapoor, Lisa Hydon and Megha Kapoor went gaga over Vayu’s nursery and praised its cute decor.

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