Square understands why Sumrall took on Troy’s job – The Interior Journal


Senior linebacker DeAndre Square understood why linebacker coach Jon Sumrall couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be head coach at Troy University.

“He’s Big Blue all the way. He would love to stay here as long as he could, but the opportunity he had was something he couldn’t pass up, ”Square said. “When he called me – because he called me before the news broke – we had a great conversation and

There was nothing I could do but smile for the guy, because, I mean he helped everyone he met at this establishment here in the UK. He helped all the linebackers.

Square has emerged as one of the SEC’s top plaintiffs over the past two years and admits Sumrall has been “important” in its development.

“He’s always been there for me. I was only happy (with his new job) because it’s such a big job, ”Square said. “He’s a very exciting guy. He’s like the tone giver. He always has energy and juice no matter what day, game day, practice, movie day. He always has juice.

“And he always has a great story. He always tells stories. I probably won’t remember the stories he told us. He has lived a lot on this earth. He has a story for everything. I will remember the stories he told us.

Sumrall could have said goodbye to his players and just focused on his new job. Instead, he wanted to coach in the Citrus Bowl to help UK win a 10th game.

“We’re just going to take advantage of the last time he was our coach. So every chance we have, every game, every practice, I know me and the other linebackers are going to go hard for him because we know how much this last game is going to mean for him, ”Square said. .

“He wouldn’t want to leave this university. But he had a great opportunity, that’s the only reason. We’re going to play really hard for him because we know how much that means to him.


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