Stone Island Styled Porsche 911 Safari Wears Moleskin Interior


Porsche’s history with Safari versions dates back to 1978, when the automaker entered a mostly production 911 in the East African Safari race. The list of modifications included a raised suspension, a roll cage and additional lights… and that was about it. Over 40 years later, we still see regular Safari upgrades to 911, including the one you see here.

This 911 Safari project is the work of American artist Daniel Arsham in collaboration with high-end sportswear brand Stone Island. Using a 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo as a base, the team tweaked the sports car like Porsche at the time by increasing the ride height, affixing new front and rear bumpers and skid plates. the rear, attaching light pods to the front fascia, and adding off-road rubber. The exterior bodywork, meanwhile, has been redone in a subtle yet stylish matte black paint job.

Porsche 911 Safari by Stone Island

Stone Island, a brand known for its use of premium materials in outerwear, has set to work on the interior. The company outfitted this 911 with a custom cotton moleskin interior, dyeing and treating the fabric to give it a worn effect while adding a unique camouflage texture to the seat inserts and door panels. Arsham Studio and Stone Island logos are embroidered on the headrests.

The Porsche was one of two cars created as part of the collaboration. Arsham and Stone Island have also customized a Unimog U404 recovery vehicle for the 911. The Unimog gets rally-appropriate upgrades to go with its updated look, which includes Stone Island’s Tela Stella fabric in dull green covering the bed of the truck and, just like the Porsche, a moleskin interior.

To ensure that the drivers of these two vehicles look as stylish as the vehicles themselves, Stone Island has designed a limited run of retro moleskin dungarees, paired with custom shirts and jackets and joined by tote bags Tel Stella. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to show up to your next rally race in this fit – Stone Island has limited custom apparel to company friends and family only.


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