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New York real estate agents share the same problems when they feel overwhelmed and inundated with postponed showings, pandemic uncertainty, flowery property descriptions in tedious email and text chains and being challenged by the weather report. These many challenges inspired Ricardo Picón, a visual marketing creator with over 15 years in commercial and real estate photography.

Picon says, “I researched the right technology to go beyond traditional photography and deliver an ecosystem where agents could do high-quality, realistic tour remote projections with exact measurements and an interactive floor plan. who kills.” He adds that “agents today must adapt to post-pandemic times at the speed of social media and be their own marketing force. The secret is to produce a strong, shareable visual experience that relates back to them. “We plan to equip real estate agents with tools to increase their exposure, interaction with out-of-town investors, and virtual tours that can dramatically speed up sales and rental times.”

Photos and social media are not enough.

Picon says, “The property photo inventory is so large and similarly retouched that it’s hard to capture real attention. Additionally, social media dilute exclusivity and valuable details for a potential customer. Many agents today believe that social media creates followers and leads when in reality most of those leads belong to the hosting account. Says Picón, “All of your subscribers consistently receive equal or better information from your competitors. The key to this dilemma is to grow your customers within your interactive platform; images alone are not enough for this business.

Picon Virtual Tours, found in iGuide/Planitar technology a great ally. Picon’s expertise in photography, art direction and marketing, combined with the 360° fundamentals of Planitar, are invaluable assets in creating an engaging and pragmatic experience for various industries. The technology thrives on optimal realistic visual experience, branding, visitor analytics and accurate floor plans.

Lasting value of user experience, floor plan and analytics

Picon adds, “To experience a virtual tour with realistic quality visualization of a person standing inside the property and stepping over ceilings, floors, labeled amenities, the closet and storage space is hard to overlook. All the details that you will only find in the physical realm create a bond of familiarity with the creator of the circuit, whether he is a broker, a contractor, a designer or an architect. Decision-making is accelerated thanks to this experience. Reports from around the world suggest that virtual tours are pushing younger generations to invest in real estate and, in general, longer tours on photos only.

The interactive element is not just about appreciation or looking fantastic. Their laser-accurate floor plans – approved by Fannie Mae – allow you to draw measurements giving tours real practical meaning for moving, remodeling and decorating.

Picon reveals his own aha moment: “My wife and I were traveling to Oaxaca. She went crazy over a superb handmade tapestry; we had to make sure the colors and dimensions would work for our house in Brooklyn. I opened the virtual tour of our house on my phone, took measurements and saw how my living room would fit into the carpet. I was so happy to have this tour accessible forever; it is the durable asset value of this organized trip and the link with its original supplier.

It is also possible to label any equipment related to its make, model, year and specifications, from a Viking stove to a CB2 vase or a Design Within Reach sofa.

Picon says, “Once the visit is live on your website or platform, you will get a detailed report of the number of visits, duration and repeats generated by Zillow,, your webpage, Facebook or any other site. This information is very beneficial for marketing leverage.

Nevertheless virtual with a face

“Humanizing a remote experience and giving it an identity changes the way the customer perceives the broker, contractor, engineer, architect or interior designer offering the visit,” says Picon. “Each tour has a banner with the photo, phone, email, site and social media of the person/company listing the tour, and best of all it’s clickable and shareable by phone or by email.”

An added advantage is that; Guiding anyone in case of remote projection is easy without clunky screen sharing; All walkthrough actions are reflected simultaneously on participants’ screens, no password is required and it’s a free feature.

Using Picon’s approach, Picon Virtual Tours technically acts as tour operators and producers; the brand belongs to the customer. Tours are subscription free which is a game changer in the high end VT industry.

Photos, videos, drones, Google Street View and virtual reality

With a strong background in creating commercial content, Picon Virtual Tours loves the flexibility of being able to add editorial beauty and a sense of polished publicity by appending external professional photography and video to the tour. Customers can also integrate drone aerial panoramic shots, which are increasingly popular in rural and industrial scenarios.

An additional feature that saves time and money for commercial properties is exporting visits to Google Street View, which allows for higher search rankings alongside Google Maps.

VR compatibility is as simple as getting a headset and switching your visit to VR mode.


Residential and commercial real estate is not the only one to benefit from this technology; architecture, engineering, construction, insurance, restoration and interior design are widely used, either by 3D navigation, or by reports of precise dimensions, or by floor plans having exact before and after comparisons.

The ROI of a full package tour is very cost effective; it can spill over into traditional media, social media, SEO, power platforms, and an array of marketing materials that transcend bubbles and demographics. Planitar says residential real estate properties with iGuide Virtual Tours sell 39% faster, 14% fewer days on market, and 1.3% more than listings with only images.

“Our tours have a lively, breathing, down-to-earth quality that makes you want to dig deeper and trust the experience,” adds Picon.

Picon Virtual Tours not only produces 360° virtual tours, but their services include individual or packaged photos: property photography, virtual staging, video and corporate portraits. Picon says, “We listen to our clients to convey a compelling visual story, help them establish an immersive corporate identity and create lasting connections.

Ricardo Picón holds a master’s degree in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York and has extensive experience in commercial, corporate and real estate photography.

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Company portrait services for staff and teams

Company portrait services for staff and teams

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