The A’ design prize and competition welcomes summer 2023 by inviting applications


a design prize and competition opens its platform for 2023

Temperatures are rising and iced coffees, beach getaways and relaxing resorts are a must. As an international platform A’ Design Award and Competition is calling for entries for 2023, we’re highlighting some summer projects inspired by the holidays of years past to guide that inspiration. While scrolling down, keep in mind that the benefits of participating are greater than you might think: in addition to their famous trophy, winners receive an extensive prize package including global recognition, sales and a network of major brands – what do you say?

Looking for where to register? Nominate and register your creations here and cheer for the renowned 2023 awards!

Freestanding residential sauna Grotto Sauna by PARTISANS, 2014

image creditJonathan Friedman

Last name: Cave Sauna
designers: Alexander Josephson, Pooya Baktash, Jonathan Friedman, Ivan Vasyliv, Betty Vuong and

award: Platinum

Category: Architecture, building and structure design

get ready for this endless networking kit!

How are global recognition, invitations to gala evenings, free exhibitions and international publications achieved? The world famous platform Prizes and design competitions is calling for entries for 2023, promising winners a well-deserved network of opportunities. Emerging talents but also established companies are welcome to submit their work more 100 categories availablebe it architecture, interior design, fashion, packaging, lighting, housewares and many more.

While the awards champion, advertise and recognize good design and innovators, the Jury of 227 members composed of design professionals, members of the press and academics, ensures a thorough methodology and fair evaluation for each submission. The winning projects receive more than 15 advantages and privilegesincluding annual yearbook, free attendance and allocation of space at the winners’ exhibition, preparation and distribution of press releases via DesignPRWire, commentary, design and printing of A2 posters for exhibition and more. A' Design Award and Competition Welcomes Summer 2023 Entries

Living The Noom Housing by Sanzpont Arquitectura, 2021

image creditSanzpont Arquitectura, Renders and Layouts

Last name: Live the Noom
designers: Sanzpont Arquitectura and Pedrajo Mas Pedrajo Arquitectos

award: Platinum

Category: Architecture, building and structure design

do you feel even more inspired now?

for more information on how to register for the A’ design award and competition, visit:

A' Design Award and Competition Welcomes Summer 2023 Entries

Dongyi Dunhuang Hotel by Newsdays Agency, 2021

image creditYM Studio

Last name: Dongyi Dunhuang
designate: Newsdays Agency

award: Silver

Category: Architecture, building and structure design

stay tuned to designboom as the winners will be announced in a special on May 01, 2023.


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