The Benefits and Challenges of Female Designers – Exclusive Interview with Female Designer “Pei Yang”


In today’s new era, women are no longer housewives who toil all day for the family. Independent and autonomous will become a new symbol of women. They will break down the boundaries between men and women and participate in the important role of social and economic development. Statistics show that 70-80% of purchasing power is now in the hands of women. The advent of female-led “period” consumption has formed a unique economic circle and economic phenomenon around female consumption. In recent years, awareness of gender equality has increased in the design industry. More and more female designers have attracted the attention of the industry, and more and more female designers are changing the design circle with their own power. They are ready to change the world, so we see the power of the creators. We also invited outstanding Chinese designer “Pei Yang” to share her views on online design.

Q: What are the benefits and challenges of being a female designer?

I thought about the question “what are the advantages?” ” for a long time. First of all, as a female designer, I’m still limited in some specific concepts.But Wthe omen understanding of design emotion and color are more delicate.As for this biggest challenge ,this is actually the career of a designer, i.e. how long can you keep your passion and creativity in your careereven when life is ‘dark’ and ‘choice’, always choose to hold on to it and face it.

Q: Your work is very diverse and involves different design styles. How do you define yourself as a designer in your work?

I like traditional culture very much, but I always respect customers’ preferences. Design itself is about solving problems and conveying design ideas through art. Thinking about the problems, I deliberately do not distinguish between them. Sure, that’s easy to say, but it’s also a challenge reserve of professional knowledge and ability to think globally. Designers should have some understanding of each national culture, such as the Rbirth culture of Europe, Barocan style, Rcoconut way, Gothic style and so on. Southeast Asia’s representative is Thailand, East Asia’s representativeErn Asia is Japan, and the representative of Asia is China, and so on. Additionally, modeling, lighting, materials technology, scale, and construction in space design all require professional think about solving problems.

Q: How do you balance your life and work?

To be honest, design requires continuous investment and effort. I believe that even the smallest inspiration comes from daily observation, reflection and accumulation. So if you want to have commendable achievements in design work, it is necessary to invest yourself. In my experience, it’s impossible to balance life and work, or there’s no right way to do it. The relationship between family life and work will never be balanced. It will always swing one way or the other.

Q: How do you define female culture?

In the requirements of female culture, interior the design should pursue a natural state of mind, to reflect a kind of true feelings and emotions through the interior space elements. This type of interior design emphasizes that the woman clients can derive spiritual pleasure from abundant choices, but it is not limited to certain fixed design patterns or patterns, a manifestation of the free spirit it’s more important.

Q: Where do you see the future of women’s design?

The future of women’s design might forget about their gender. The audience only sees if they can understand or like the design, and if they can move themselves. In terms of design results, maybe we don’t care whether the design is made by a male designer or a female designer, the emphasis is different.

Designer interviewed

Pei Yang (former name: Pei Yan)

China Registered Senior Interior Designer

Member of Suzhou Decoration Association

Co-founder and art director of Suzhou Xinglai Architectural Design Engineering Co., LTD


Jiangsu Excellent Designer in 2010

2011 Jiangsu Excellent Designer

Best Young Chinese Designer in 2014

Most Influential Design Agency 2015

Study trip to Dubai in 2016

Ruili Home Star Designer in 2017

Study trip to Europe in 2017

China Golden Hall Award for Outstanding Works in 2020

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