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Bridgerton Decor FAQs

Liam Daniel/Netflix

What is the “Bridgerton” decor?

The show “Bridgerton” is set in early 1800s England during the Regency period. “It’s a bit opulent,” said Liz Caan, director of Caan & Cie. “There’s formality, and there’s color, and there’s glamor and personality.”

Although filmed in many era-appropriate locations, the show does not strictly adhere to the color palette of the era.

“It’s completely imaginative,” said Young Huh, director of Young Huh Interior Design. “It’s a fantasy world where everything is very pastel.”

Why do people like it?

Between the damask fabric, floral wallpaper, and curved sofas, there’s a lot to love about Bridgerton’s style, even though it’s been out of fashion for years. “It’s very nice, and it’s also something we haven’t seen in a while,” Huh said.

It’s fresh and romantic, she says, compared to the mid-century modern look that dominated much of the design for many years. Caan agreed that the “Bridgerton” style feels more personalized. “I think that maybe resonates with a lot of people,” she said.

“There’s something to me that’s so refreshing to see that kind of light, airy femininity coming back through fabrics, textiles and wallpaper,” said Jessica Kain Barton, director of J Kathryn Interiors.

How to style the “Bridgerton” look?

“You don’t have to lean on just one aesthetic,” Barton said. “You can really take what you like and leave the rest.”

That might mean reupholstering a piece of linen furniture or adding vintage clocks to the mantle and leaving everything else as is. “Nothing has to match or be perfect to be beautiful,” Barton said.


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