the coastal ‘cocoa residence’ is planned by victor ortiz in adobe


Victor Ortiz merges European design with Brazilian craftsmanship

Victor B. Ortiz unveils its latest creation, the Cacao Residence, located along the north coast of Brazil and planned with a clay construction. The project is to be located in the Txai Resort in Itacare, one of the most exclusive beaches in the country. Informed by the unique client briefing, the lodgingThe design takes shape with a blend of “simplicity, elegance and practicality of European design, with the natural materials and tones of a tropical environment”. Thus, the architecture emerges from the lush slope, opening up to the local flora and capturing views of the ocean beyond.

images © Victor B. Ortiz Architecture | @victorbortiz_architecture

the adobe house around a cocoa tree

Architect Victor Ortiz organizes the proposed residence around a cocoa tree, native to the region. The accommodation is spread over two levels, with the living areas and swimming pool on the lower level, and the private areas above. Here, two bedrooms, a master bedroom, a gym and an office are planned around the main entrance to the house which is flooded with sunlight through a wooded pergola skylight.

Towards the lower level, the architect strategically plans a guest suite to maximize privacy and views, while the living and dining space is seamlessly integrated with the outdoor terrace by means of a large plan sliding doors. This connection is used to extend the living area to reach the swimming pool.

residence victor ortiz cacao

openness to sunny nature

Throughout the Cacao Residence, Victor Ortiz thoughtfully places an array of openings and windows that frame unique and curated vignettes of the natural surroundings. This transparency and openness to nature are complemented by a palette of materials characterized by warm tones. The walls and ceiling are finished with an off-white lime paint, while the interior and exterior floors are covered with a light gray micro-cement. Natural wood details can be found in the windows, doors, pergola skylight, storage cabinet and furniture.

residence victor ortiz cacao
the house emerges from the lush slope to see the ocean below

inside the cacao residence

The front facade of the dwelling and the outdoor kitchen are wrapped in a rammed earth wall, celebrating locally sourced materials and traditional craft techniques. Victor Ortiz writes: ‘Using European and Brazilian designed furniture, we have achieved the perfect balance between simplicity and warmth, using rustic and monolithic objects throughout the project which contrast with the clean curved lines and elegance of the architecture and metal light fixtures..

The main goal was to create a home that could comfortably accommodate a number of guests and provide all the conveniences of city living in a tropical hideaway with a focus on the relationship and experience with the outdoors..’

residence victor ortiz cacao
the front facade and the outdoor kitchen are wrapped in an adobe wall residence victor ortiz cacao
through large sliding doors, the living room opens widely onto the outdoor terrace and the swimming pool


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