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Project description

“Tho House” is a house designed for three-generation families including grandparents, parents and children. The grandfather was a master with many years of building experience. He built this house himself.
The exposed aggregate material was used in the old house built in 1990. We decided to reuse this material as a reminder of this old house.
The owner is also a bonsai player and very fond of trees in the living space, so we introduced a space solution: ventilation and light to help the trees grow well inside the house.
The furniture was salvaged from the old house and reused for the new one. This combination makes the house not only traditional but also modern, rustic but also luxurious.
The project runs north to south, with two sides facing west and south. There is a large lake on the west side, and we have further designed corridors and stairs on the extended west side with many trees which make the interior space much cooler. Two chambers on the west side were constructed from a double wall with spray foam inside to prevent heat transfer and exposed aggregate in the facade.
As family members all live together, this requires a flexible and multi-functional home design. The interior space has been extensively researched to provide a courtyard in the center, where family members interact with each other. Besides the trees, whether you can enjoy the clouds, the sun, the rain inside the house is also very good.


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