The municipal council will meet on March 8, 2022


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This meeting will be held in person and can be viewed live by the public in person or on the Internet.

This meeting can be viewed live by the public in person or on the Internet at at Facebook at or on YouTube at Meetings are rebroadcast on cable and available on demand at

Meeting note

Tuesday’s meeting will be held in person and will be streamed live on Watch Meetings Live.

Consent Agenda

The following are on the consent agenda and included in the package:

  • Minutes of the municipal council (22/02/2022)
  • Complaints
  • Renewal of liquor licenses
    • Quail Creek Golf Course
    • Blue bird cafe

Modification of the Stiltner site plan

This industrial site plan proposes a freestanding 9,000 square foot building at 340 Herky Street. The metal building will match the existing Stiltner Electric building and contain the amount of masonry required. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended site plan approval at its February 1, 2022 meeting. A storm water maintenance agreement is also required by city code. Staff also recommends approval of the site plan and agreement.

Budget FY23

The agenda includes a second and final public hearing and a resolution approving the FY23 budget and capital improvement plan. The proposed budget has a tax rate of $11.32. Full details of the FY23 budget can be found in the final budget documents (the budget template and the CIP), which are included in the package. Staff recommends approval of FY23 resolution and budget.

Solomon Holdings, LLC Rezoning

Solomon Holdings, LLC is requesting a rezoning map of two residential neighborhoods and a commercial neighborhood on 71.48 acres, located north of Penn Street, south of 240and Street, and west of the future North Jones Boulevard.

Rezoning will allow for the development of a variety of unspecified housing types and commercial uses:

  • The RS-9 single-family housing district was created in 2017 to allow for smaller lots. 50′ wide lots would be towards the north end of the property and 60′ wide lots would be further inland. If approved, it would be the first RS-9 zoned subdivision in the city.
  • Part of the RM-21 multi-unit housing district would facilitate an upscale apartment development with amenities such as a clubhouse with a swimming pool, walking paths and a pier. The concept plan represents 420 units in nine buildings, so it would be a large development that would take several years to build. Staff request a traffic survey to analyze traffic patterns and ensure there are no road safety issues.
  • The W. Penn Street frontage would contain four lots zoned C-2-A. There would be a public street between the commercial and multi-family development, which would allow access to both developments.

Construction of the roadway, multi-use pathway and utilities is expected to begin in the spring. The applicant is working on the design of the preliminary subdivision plan for the overall development and the preliminary site plan for the multi-family development. Recently approved Zoning Code changes regarding preliminary site plan submission requirements have facilitated a “whole property approach” to design, as fully designed building plans are not required at this stage of the process.

From a land use perspective, staff believe this is an ideal location for high-intensity development, as the only residentially zoned properties are to the north on 240and Street. Considering that there is a need for park space in the northwestern part of the city, the staff has entered into a dialogue with the owner regarding the acquisition of park space east of the future boulevard N .Jones. About 15 people attended the good neighbor meeting on January 27, 2022. The neighbors present had general questions regarding the style of development. A participant expressed concern about points of conflict with the multi-use trail and development accesses. Staff note that no lots would have direct access to N. Jones Boulevard.

Staff and the Planning Commission recommend approval subject to approval of the Preliminary Plan and Preliminary Site Plan at the third and final rezoning reading. Again, the plan submission requirements are mitigated and this would help ensure that the development is in line with what was presented. It is expected that the Planning Commission will review the Preliminary Plan and Preliminary Site Plan at the April 5, 2022 meeting.

Amendment to the Smoke-Free Places Ordinance

Johnson County Public Health recommended a smoke-free air law amendment to the park board on Jan. 6. The park board in turn recommended that the council pass a city code amendment designating city parks and pathways as tobacco- and nicotine-free places. . The Council is requested to consider a first reading of the amendment.

Modification of the Vintage Estates PAD

Vintage Estates of North Liberty is applying for an amendment to a previously approved RS-4 PAD Single Family Residence Planned Area Development – west side of S. Jones Boulevard west of the western terminus of Cory Court – to reduce yard setback 30′ to 25′ rear adjacent to north and west property lines. The requestor indicated that the request is to allow a few units to have slightly larger units and/or patios. The rest of the development would remain as previously approved. Given the style of development (limited by age, no individual lots), a reduction in the rear yard setback would not have a significant impact. A good neighbor meeting took place on January 24, 2022. A few residents were present to better understand the purpose of the request. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the application at its February 1 meeting. The staff also recommends approval.

The applicant requested that the third and final reading be deleted so that construction of the units could begin a little earlier. The staff has no objection to this request and there are very few changes in the overall development.


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