The new decorative trend that is invading our homes


Choose a bespoke wallpaper planned around your bedroom furniture | photo: 5feet4 Design Studio

The optimistic air of this year’s holiday season has also permeated the design and decor. After years of experimenting with various ways to project austerity, owners are welcoming the richer maximalist modern look.

What does it mean?

Without a cookie-cutter definition per se, modern maximalism celebrates freedom and artistic flair by inviting you to enhance your space with cherished keepsakes, keepsakes, and nostalgic photos. “I love the romanticism of the modern maximalist trend reminiscent of the Victorian era. While today’s depiction is perhaps more refined and planned, it is the sense of discovery that holds the key to this look,” says celebrity interior designer Sussanne Khan, Creative Director, Avas Living.

Modern maximalist interior design is a style of living with the things you love. “You don’t have to be a collector or an object collector, but exhibiting items from around the world travels and vintage items that have been passed down through the generations is great,” says Aditi Murarka Agrawal, Co-Founder home decor online. Nestasia store. More is more when it comes to this decorating trend, which is good news for us texture- and color-savvy Indians.

Lighter walls and bare floors along with dark, bold colors or patterns are the main elements of this design. A vibrant wallpaper highlighting the ceiling gives a soothing feel. “People are eager to put on big planters and accent pieces that they’ve collected from different places on their travels. They want to fill their homes with art and decoration,” says architect and interior designer Aatika Manzar.

Have a collection of bright artwork and an accent color sofa against a plain wall | photo: Aatika Manzar

Organized chaos

The tricky part of modern maximalist interiors is adding elements without it seeming overwhelming or overbearing. There is order in chaos. “The key is choosing the right color palette, creating a harmonious balance between prints and patterns, and making sure the space doesn’t feel cluttered,” says Apoorva Shroff, Founder and Principal Architect, Lyth Design . A pop of color in different corners is better than a random collage. This is why gold and metallic accents are great additions in interiors. Try not to spoil your maximalism by having a confusing space. Add plush geometric rugs rather than having matching trinkets that have no nostalgia or appeal. “Modern Maximalist bedrooms are sneakily informed by a ‘more will be more’ theory,” says Raghunanadan Saraf, founder and CEO of Saraf Furniture. For example, for the interior bar of a residential project, Aboli Shah, Founder and Lead Designer at Aboli Shah Atelier, used elements such as patterned flooring, dense wallpaper, tinted mirrors, warmer lights and a choice of deeper colors.

Maximalist and minimalist elements are balanced in this luxury indoor home bar

Maximalist and minimalist elements are balanced in this luxury indoor home bar | photo: Aboli Shah

wonders of wallpaper

The easiest step to projecting this rich look is to use wallpapers. Wallpapers always help a home create a desired statement. The best part about them is that after a few years you can always replace them with another one. “You can also choose a bespoke wallpaper with a ready made print and apply it around your bedroom furniture. In one case we used beautiful bougainvillea and lamps to play around the mandir wall of a living room,” says architect Benny Sam Mathew of 5feet4 Design Studio in Mumbai. Make sure the wallpaper has a nice enough print that you can live with it for at least a few months.

Arched water feature above the basin inspired by European drinking fountains in public squares

Arched water feature above the basin inspired by European drinking fountains in public squares | pic: ATesor Designs and Decor

Layers of materials and textures

The layering concept works here on all levels, from color schemes, materials and textures to themes. Use two or more objects of completely different patterns (a modern piece of art and an old chest of drawers) to complement each other. The more you can use such a variety of pieces in one room that complement each other, the more your home is a modern maximalist. “With an experimental attitude, homeowners can create a maximalist vibe via elaborate material panels. Layer finishes, textures, and colors in unique and unpredictable ways. For example, using artwork as backs of bed,” says Rahul Mistri, Principal Designer at Open Atelier Mumbai. “Rather than getting all your furniture from the same store or manufacturer, I recommend eclectic pieces and handpicked custom decor pieces from a variety of sources,” says Pooja Narayan, Director of Architecture and Design, NBMA in New Delhi.

All this rhetoric about “more and more” should not scare people concerned about the environment. This style of home decorating is kind to the planet. It naturally lends itself to sustainability with options for upcycled accessories, second-hand and repurposed furniture, and quirky items you’ve picked up on your travels. Done right, a modern maximalist home is a warm expression of your creativity and outdoor discoveries.

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