The Teatro La Bella partition system by Lualdi aims to increase the flexibility of the room


Promotion: Italian brand Lualdi has launched the Teatro La Bella customizable partition system designed by architect Andrea Boschetti, which “is inspired by the theatrical curtain”.

Lualdi’s Teatro La Bella system was showcased at the Salone del Mobile 2022 furniture fair and is part of the brand’s Teatro collection, launched in 2019.

Teatro La Bella is equipped with a decorative pattern that not only aims to allow users to make spaces more flexible but also more creative.

Lualdi describes the system as both a “wall and a piece of furniture” that can transform rooms into shared or private spaces, depending on the needs of the user.

The Teatro system was designed by architect Andrea Boschetti

Boschetti designed the system as a “flexible and contemporary set design” which he says is suitable for a variety of venues, including entertainment spaces, private residences, pavilions and corporate environments such as offices.

The design of the system has been illuminated by theatrical curtains, and it is intended to have the same effect of creating a dramatic and elegant atmosphere.

“Inspired by the theatrical curtain, the new Lualdi system creates a real domestic scenography, allowing the scenographers of the occasion – inhabitants, architects, or designers – to dress this curtain at will according to the desired atmospheres, moods and choreographies”, says Lualdi. .

Boschetti designed the system as a “flexible and contemporary scenography”

According to Lualdi, the system is designed to meet the needs of architects and designers, who often seek to create versatile spaces that can easily be adapted and meet the needs of the space.

“In the architectural field, the word ‘flexibility’ today indicates the need for designers to be able to create versatile spaces that can meet the different needs of users of the space itself,” the brand said. “In the residential and contract sectors, being able to change the skin of the environment has now become an unavoidable requirement.”

Teatro La Bella partition system by Lualdi
The system is suitable for a variety of spaces including entertainment areas, private residences and offices

“Teatro was born from the ever-increasing need in the contract world to have flexible and versatile environments, in which spaces and their perception can be transformed according to our needs”, Boschetti said.

The system can be moved mechanically – via an electronic system – or manually. It also includes many customizable elements and comes in a range of materials, patterns and colors.

    Brown Customizable Partition System by Lualdi
The system is also customizable and comes in a range of colors and patterns

“The multifaceted character of Teatro manifests itself not only in its pivoting movement – mechanized or manual, activated on the whole system or selectively on one of its components – but also in the possibility of “dressing” each element with different materials, colors and patterns offered by ABM,” said Lualdi.

Lualdi is an Italian design brand founded in 1859. It creates high quality bespoke furniture and interior doors, which aim to rethink the needs and context of doors in the modern architectural space.

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