This comfortable and eco-friendly villa in Uttarakhand is developing in the Himalayan hinterland


Local vernacular

The villa takes its hat off to Uttarakhand’s centuries-old traditions of woodcarving, such as the handcrafted timber frames at the entrance, Kumaoni wooden leitmotifs and hand-carved ornamental details. “The material palette of wood, slate and local stone draws on the lexicon of the region’s Kumaoni vernacular,” says Arora. Remarkably, the interior design scheme reflects the treehouse experience, with classic handcrafted woodwork supported by modernist angles, clean lines and contemporary design elements. “Composed of lightweight steel sections, the structure is a woven system similar to basket weaving, a visually striking geometry reminiscent of the interlocking patterns of the local koti-trivial (posts and beams),” Arora shares.

Open-air courtyards provide a great place to dine under the stars.

Tic Tac Toe

Offset panoramas

With each of the three levels offering a differentiated panoramic experience, the villa could comfortably pass itself off as a morning or moon viewing gallery: while the north-facing deck and south-facing courtyard offer panoramic views of the forests. beyond, walls of windows and skylights give the dining room a bright sunset sanctuary appeal. The upper floor, which houses the bedrooms, offers a similar experience, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights that frame sweeping views of the landscape. The lowest level merges into a gradient, enveloping the guest bedroom, staff quarters and ancillary facilities in a mantle of native vegetation. “The villa is also wheelchair accessible and connected to the road via universal access points. In addition, there is a lift that serves all levels,” says Arora.

Tic Tac Toe


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