Tokyo is Booker’s next stop – The Interior Journal


Former British star Devin Booker will go straight from the NBA Finals to play in the Olympics with Team USA and isn’t worried about the short break he will have between the Finals and the Olympics.

“The next thing to smoke. I will be there. But obviously that’s not my main focus right now,” Booker said before the start of the NBA Finals and before Team USA lost their first exhibition game against Nigeria when they been outscored 60-30 on a 3-point range.

He contacted the USA team coaches, but also told them that he was happy to be in the finals and not in USA team practice.

“I would love to be there with the guys and I will be there soon,” Booker said.

The Phoenix Suns star says playing in the Olympics is one of his lifelong goals.

“I think it’s the most prestigious event that basketball can find. So to be a part of representing your country, I think, takes you into a whole different stratosphere,” Booker said. “I just think of the guys who came before us who represented our country, and I don’t think there’s anything better than winning a gold medal.”


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