Top 10 hottest men in the architecture and design industry


By India Today Web Desk: Top ten design and physical space designers in India who helped us create an environment that touches all the dynamics of physical existence

1. Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects is listed in Archdaily’s list of the World’s Top 100 Architecture Firms and the Architizer New York list of the World’s Top 130 Architecture Firms.

Winner of the Architizer A+, New York, Best Residential Firm of the Year Award 2022, The LEAF, London, Best Interior project of the Year 2021, the firm has won 306 awards, including 207 International Awards and 99 National Awards in India.

The company has won architectural projects in Australia, Spain, Montenegro, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman and Dallas, in addition to projects in 40 Indian cities. With a diverse portfolio of townships, schools, hotels, commercial buildings and offices, they continue their quest to create innovative and sustainable design solutions at scale.

With a firm strength of 72, evolving design solutions that are contextual and creating spaces that revolutionize the way they are experienced forms the essence of the company’s design philosophy.

2. Ishwar Gehi Architects

“My guru is the greatest architect of all time; Mother Nature” – Ar. Ichwar Gehi

Winner of the JK-Architect of the Year award, Ar. Ishwar Gehi is a passionate architect. Each project the prolific architect has designed over the past two and a half decades speaks for itself. Born in Mendarda, a village in Gujarat, he had humble beginnings in Rajkot. Today, Ishwar Gehi Architects covers projects all over India. His portfolio of work is large and diverse covering townships, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, corporate offices, shopping complexes and private residences, among others, for Ar. Gehi, scale and proportion are fundamental in the art of design. His many works testify to his admiration for the Indian royal palaces of India, bringing us back to our roots and our culture.

The mastery of the art of giving a considerably distinct zone to limited spaces makes him the most suitable architect for urban areas.

3. Gzarcs

Gzarcs is an organization where we constantly strive to provide design solutions that meet global standards.

With a collective experience of over 18 years in the industry, the team has evolved and worked on various categories of projects ranging from HNI residences, residential complexes and commercial and private office buildings for high profile individuals throughout the world. ‘India.

Gopaal Zaverii has first-hand experience in providing the best value-added design in every project.

With a vision to create impact through built forms and spaces, the company has earned a reputation for being highly skilled in the design and concepts of projects of varying proportions.

In a philosophy where the design of a project is the absolute priority, the passion is seen in the project at all stages.

4.AK Enterprises Pvt Ltd

AK Enterprises Pvt Ltd. has specialized in providing “design to build” interior solutions for all types of living spaces, from residential to commercial segments, for the past two decades. Looking after over one million square feet of built environment across India, they are always striving to reinvent themselves by accepting new challenges from the fast-paced dynamics of the interior industry by pursuing global trends. The AKEPL team, for its esteemed clients, has always been instrumental in contributing to the interior ‘infrastructure’ process.

Amit Maitra and Kallol Baroi lead the business with a capable design and execution team to deliver as promised.

AK Enterprises Pvt Ltd ensures from today’s perspective of professionalism to deliver quality work on time with value for money for its valued client.


5. Synectic Architects

Ar. Dhananjay Pawar started his new world in 2010 with an organization named Synectics Architects in Nashik to provide imaginative architectural solutions. Holding international experience with turnkey solutions for every segment, he was the youngest architect to design and execute an Indian restaurant in London, UK Synectics is also on the list of top architectural firms in Maharashtra.

The firm has won 30 awards, including international and national accreditations; this place is among the best and most innovative architecture and interior design companies. Recently, the firm was awarded by the hands of the GOVERNOR OF MAHARASHTRA, Mr. Bhagat Singh Koshiyari as an eminent architect in contemporary design, Maharashtra at Raj Bhavan Mumbai. With a diverse portfolio of high-end residential, hospitality, healthcare and international cricket stadiums, they continue their quest to create innovative design solutions.

Ar. Dhananjay Pawar has been a JURY MEMBER for several design projects for reputable institutions. The company has also covered over 80 publications and interviews, including SOCIETY INTERIOR magazine for architectural projects, publication in BUILDCON ARCHITECTURE 2020 magazine for architectural studio projects and many more.

6. Shubhlaxmee Architects and Interior Designers

The leading multi-faceted architectural consultancy is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra with all services integrated under one roof since 2000. A well-deserved experience of 21 years strengthens the conceptual base. The design spectrum ranges from private residences to large-scale educational and medical institutional projects spanning 16 states of India.

Chief Architect Aniruddh Deshpande strongly believes in the “soul” of the buildings one designs. Each building has a specific character, a personality, depending on its design, its context and its inhabitants. It is the personality of the building that connects us to the world. It is essential because it engages its occupants and ultimately helps shape their experience in a space.

The brand has a customer-specific approach and adapts the design to satisfy the requirements of each customer. Shubhlaxmee Architects and Interior Designers have won “Various National and International Awards”. -efficiency, safety, superior indoor air quality, energy-efficient design, as well as keeping practical necessities intact; it is a crucial part of planning any architectural project today.

7. Clay Studio

The core design philosophy of the Studio Clay team, Meerut is based on the principle that architecture is a fascination and celebration of life.

At the center of human life is the need for safe spaces, residential or otherwise. Spaces where we can be who we are and actualize our potential. These spaces, from homes to workplaces, are our extensions. We start by defining them and, in turn, we define ourselves by them. At ‘Studio Clay’, we have internalized this perception. We think it’s also an extension of the promoters’ personal philosophy and vision.

Ar. Asit B Gupta, an alumnus of the Sushant School of Art and Architecture, has not only advanced the legacy of Ar. Bharat Bhushan Gupta (IIT Roorkee) has also adapted and moderated it in the context of changing times without compromising on the essential – the constant pursuit of wholesomeness.

Architecture is therefore for us a matter of sensitivity. For this reason, we consciously practice ‘green’, ‘local’ and ‘eco-friendly’ lingo in all of our projects, distinct from each client’s personality.

8. DMA – Divyakant Mistry Associates

Considered as one of the leading interior design firms in Mumbai, DMA- Divyakant Mistry Associates is a multidisciplinary interior design firm. Led by Principal Designer Divyakant Mistry, the company creates modern and sophisticated design concepts that beautifully combine style and luxury with comfort and harmonized interior spaces. Under his leadership, the company transformed numerous value propositions into high-end commercial and residential interior project experiences.

Divyakant Mistry Associates aims to create structures that combine elements of aesthetics and efficient functionality. The team believes that every project should be well planned, well built and functionally beautiful. With a team of dedicated professionals under one roof, we are committed to providing the best project management and interior design consulting services. With over 27 years of experience delivering ambitious interior design projects like hotels, restaurants, businesses, residences and retail, our team is well trained to handle each project uniquely. .

9. OMSAI Consultants

Each project by top architect Mahantesh Kokalki is an iconic building that showcases the identity of the client to meet their requirements and is culturally rooted in climatological considerations. He started his practice in 1997 after working for two years at Designer’s Group in Kolhapur. He has carried out extensive design work in the various fields of residential design and interiors, institutional and hotel design, commercial and office spaces, hospitals and luxury private homes.

In 25 years, Mahantesh Kokalki has completed more than 324 projects. His projects continue to expand in different parts of India including Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

Mahantesh Kokalki was awarded as best architect by CREDAI in 2015 and by Rotary club in 2019. Moreover, he was listed among the top 20 architects by INDIA BUILDCON ARCHITECTURE magazine. [2020] and ARCHITECTURAL AND BUILDERS magazine [2020].

10. Creative House

Kreative House is one of India’s most sought after residential architecture and interior design firms. Founded two decades ago, Kreative House specializes in innovative, user-friendly designs.

The design firm is led by husband-wife architect duo – Pavan Kakade, and Medha Kakade is a one-stop-shop for its potential clients.

With their rich design knowledge and project management, they have grown the business from a four person home office to one of the leading architecture and interior design firms in Hyderabad and Pune .

Kreative House has well-designed systems and processes to manage large luxury and green residential projects. A team of dedicated and experienced professionals oversees the execution of the work down to the smallest detail. It ensures that the design approved by the customer is strictly adhered to and that deviations, if any, in exceptional cases, are only made after the appropriate consent of the design team and customers.


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