UK Castle gets intense on the golf course – The Interior Journal


Kentucky has many intense athletes on campus, but none are more intense than junior golfer Jensen Castle.

She needed all that intensity recently on her formidable run to win the US Women’s Amateur Championship – something no other British golfer had ever done. She had to overcome a stress fracture in a coast that had limited her playing time, a 12-man playoff to enter match play, then had to beat three of the country’s best players to win the title. She also spent several nights sleeping on an air mattress at a friend’s friend’s house because she had not made a hotel reservation for more than three days.

She rarely smiled during the eight days of competition, including when she landed the winning putt in the title match.

“Everybody gives me shit for my face at rest,” Castle said when asked about his playing face on the course. “It’s just very… it’s right there, and I’m very aggressive and straightforward so it doesn’t go together very well.”

“But I promise I’m friendly. I mean, I’m very competitive on the golf course. It’s only over the ball. I like to have fun, cut out, laugh. When I’m on top of the ball, we’re here for a reason. It’s business. Just do it.

Castle insisted that “she was smiling more” than what the TV cameras probably showed during the tournament.

“The only time I didn’t smile was when I was on top of the ball,” she said. “I swear I’m friendly.”

She will compete in the Curtis Cup representing the United States in Wales later this month and also has a place in the LPGA’s Cognizant Founders Cup from October 6-10 following her amateur championship.


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