Whetstone Beer Co. celebrates 10 years with a new look and a return to origins


Flagship beer brand and brewery reimagined to capture the spirit of adventure. Photo by Diesel’ Stoner Sour IPA courtesy of Whetstone.

Vermont Business Magazine On the eve of his 10e Anniversary, Whetstone Brands co-founders Amy Brady, Tim Brady and David Hiler are marking the occasion by refreshing the brand that started it all – Whetstone. Originally opened as Whetstone Station, the historic brewery will be reborn as Whetstone Beer Co. with new visuals and branding that celebrate their shared love of brewing adventures through beer, travel , shared experiences and wide open spaces.

When the doors opened and brewing began at Whetstone Station in July 2012, the spirit of exploration and discovery through train travel underpinned the concept. The space at the confluence of Whetstone Brook and the Connecticut River in Brattleboro was designed to pay homage to the building’s role in Brattleboro’s bustling railroad industry.

The design incorporated elements from the original station, including a round radiator from the base of a column from the old station and an interior ticket office with a picture of a switchman on the tracks behind the building.

For its 10-year update, Whetstone Beer Co. will double down on that inspiration with a station makeover featuring an even bigger homage to train travel and a more laid-back, brewery-centric experience.

Whetstone will introduce a new streamlined cafe menu while enhancing the streamlined counter service experience. Additionally, there will be a greater focus on the team’s greatest passion, Whetstone Beer, including offering a selection of unique batches and extremely limited samples, which were previously only poured at the brewery.

Whetstone Beer Co. packaging will also get a sleek new look courtesy of a local artist. On shelves and in fine bars and restaurants across New England, the new labels and beer can merchandising will feature a version of the iconic ‘train ride’ posters popular in the golden age of train travel. .

The custom labels, envisioned by co-owner Tim Brady, were developed over a year-long process with a label manufacturer and are the first to incorporate a removable sticker embedded into the fully recyclable can label.

“We spend a lot to print custom can labels, which almost always end up in a trash can,” Brady said. “I thought there had to be a way to make the label useful beyond just presenting the beer on the shelf. Now when you buy one of our cans, you get a unique sticker for free,” he said.

The easily removable sticker portion is a miniature poster, while the envelope portion of the labels features hidden elements with characters and scenes telling stories reminiscent of Tim, Amy and David’s years of adventures.

It was one of those adventures that first brought the co-founders together at a hospitality conference over a decade ago. Over the next ten years, the trio built nine hotel brands, including: Whetstone Beer Co. (https://www.whetstonebeer.com ), Kampfires Campground, Hostel and Entertainment ( https://www.kampfires.com/ ), Scoops Ice Cream Shop, Putters Mini-Golf, The Pit Amphitheatre, Cannonballs Swim Club, and the Rollin’ Stone Mobile Bier Garten and food truck.

They recently added River Garden Marketplace ( https://www.rivergardenmarketplace.com/) combining a local craft market with a bright bar, curated beverage selections, an elevated menu, river views and event spaces.

Whetstone Beer Co.’s new branding and Station makeover will be unveiled on Whetstone Station’s anniversary, July 4th weekend.

BRATTLEBORO, Vermont – https://www.whetstonebeer.com/


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