Who Is Fran Tomas, A Spanish Graphic Designer, New Boyfriend Of Luke Evans, Age, Biography, Family, Twitter, Photo, Instagram


Luke Evans is back in the dating game with his new boyfriend, Fran Tomas, knows his age, Twitter photo and biography

The two were spotted packing their bags in public on the PDA.

The incident happened on Wednesday when the Nine Perfect Strangers actor and his new boyfriend, Fran Tomas, were enjoying a day at the beach in Ibiza, Spain.

Know who is Fran Tomas new boyfriend of Luke Evans, age, biography, family, Twitter, photo, Instagram

During the last outing, the duo did not hesitate to display a PDA.

Luke Evans and Fran Tomas, Brief Dating History

According to a report, Luke Evans and his new boyfriend, Fran Tomas, have been quietly dating for over a year. While Luke is 43, Fran is 32.

Apparently, the couple grew stronger and quietly traveled all over the world together. They share the same ideas, understand each other’s sense of humor and complement each other well.

Profession and LinkedIn profile of Fran Tomas

Luke Evans’ new boyfriend, Fran Tomas, is a Spanish graphic designer by profession. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he is also a project manager at Solvia Inmobiliaria.

Solvia Inmobiliaria is a real estate company founded in 2001. According to his LinkedIn profile, Fran is an experienced professional in the construction industry.

He began his career as an architect and interior designer, before becoming a project coordinator and, ultimately, project manager. He currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

Instagram account of Fran Tomas

Fran Tomas has an Instagram account, and an impressive one at that. Currently, the Spaniard has 1,483 posts on his Instagram feed with around 57,000 followers.

Tomas’ Instagram bio reads: “Construction Design/Project Manager.” Her Instagram feed is dotted with many photos from her travels around the world.

There are also more photos of him with his famous boyfriend, Luke Evans, and some shots of him with his friends and family.

Luke Evans hopes to be a dad one day

During a media interaction last year, an interviewer asked Luke if he would like to be a dad. Luke replied

I would, yes, I would. I’ve thought about it many times and as I get older I think maybe I should go on and do it. I don’t want to be an old dad… but I would like to be a dad.

Evans added,

There’s a lot of satisfaction in passing on your experiences and raising a strong, open-minded, kind, respectful human being who can go out into the world and do something good.

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