Why Batgirl’s bathroom made fans lose their minds


Images from an infamous Batgirl comic have resurfaced online in which Barbara Gordon uses one of the most confusing bathrooms in DC Comics history.

DC bat girl is one of the most popular members of from batman Bat-Family, but its most evil villain is not the Joker, the Riddler or Clayface, but the architect of a bathroom. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5 is a comic released in 2016 as part of the D.C. Rebirth initiative in which Barbara Gordon uses the bathroom (quite rare to depict in the comics). This disgusting toilet could literally kill Batgirl in a way that no supervillain ever could.

Barbara Gordon has quite an interesting history in DC Comics. The daughter of Commissioner Gordon, Barbara dressed up as Batgirl in 1967 and had a very long career as a crime fighter before said career was abruptly and violently cut short by the Joker in 1988. The killer joke, written by Alan Moore. Paralyzed from the waist down, Barbara still wanted to help the Bat-Family in their crime-fighting activities and thus became Oracle. For over 20 years, Barbara maintained surveillance of Gotham City, becoming an expert in electronic warfare. When DC New 52 the company-wide relaunch rebooted the universe in 2011, Barbara Gordon was reinstated as Batgirl (irritating more than a few fans who enjoyed Barbara’s portrayal as a super-powered wheelchair user). heroic).


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In the issue, Batgirl must make a decision about Gus, a hacker of questionable morals who wants to join the Birds of Prey. Batgirl ruminates on her three identities: Barbara Gordon, Oracle and Batgirl. But as a superhero goes through an existential crisis, fans wonder how she made her way into Gus’ bathroom, which has multiple design flaws, the most serious of which is a blocking bathtub. the door. Most bathroom doors in the US open inward (and this one certainly does, seeing as the previous panel shows Batgirl entering the bathroom pushing the door open).

Ignoring the mystery of exactly how Batgirl got into the bathroom (and also ignoring the toilet plunger placed directly in front of the door), fans will also notice a rug covering the floor that somehow stretches out. ‘another one under bath and toilet. These toilets are on the other side of the door whereas they are usually positioned next to the sink… but this space is paradoxically occupied by a towel rack. Unfortunately, the towel rack is located as far from the tub as the room allows. The room is also quite spacious, with a massive floor space that sits entirely unused (maybe about Bruce Wayne’s mansion, but it’s Gus’ hideous mansion, not Bruce Wayne’s).

In the grand scheme of things, there are far more important things to consider than the interior design of a shared bathroom. Still, comic book fans are the detail-oriented kind; they’ll examine every frame in a trailer or every panel in a comic to make sure no clues are missed. the bathroom can be confusing and even a potential safety hazard, but if bat girl can overcome paralysis at the hands of the Joker, she’s probably careful enough not to trip over an oddly placed bathtub.

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