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Annabelle Ning from North York loves German high performance luxury sports cars. The self-proclaimed car has owned several vehicles, including Audi, Porsches, and BMWs.

Ning, a vape distributor and business owner, is an Audi and Porsche fan, citing the RS5 and 911 Turbo as previous releases. As a college student, she enjoyed getting around town in coupes, citing that the back seats provided enough room to carry her things. However, Ning’s needs changed over time, and she sought a more convenient vehicle than her daily driver.

Switching to four-door options, she bought an Audi RS 3, which she drove regularly between Toronto and New York before the pandemic. She switched to a Porsche Panamera Gran Turismo at the end of 2020 but found it too big.

When Audi announced the all-new RS 6 Avant designed for 2021 as a wagon, Ning jumped on board. Collecting her vehicle from Audi Uptown, she customized it to look and match what she loved about the brand, and even added a roof box for extra storage. Although she doesn’t drive as much out of the city these days due to the pandemic, Ning continues to cross the GTA to visit friends or frequent the city’s many restaurants. Here, Ning tells us why she loves her 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant.


“I’m a girl with a lot of things that I like to put in my car, so I need space,” Ning said. “That’s the whole point of having a wagon, isn’t it?” [Laughs] [I was looking] for the most powerful high-end purchase, like a BMW, Mercedes or Audi. [At that time the] Mercedes had a station wagon, but it wasn’t an AMG, it was a less powerful model. The Audi RS 6 suited me perfectly.

“The Audi has a powerful engine, which I love. It is a very practical car with handling like a sedan instead of an SUV. I’m quite used to small cars that turn sharply or quickly. Because this Audi has the Dynamic Package, [which features quattro sport all-wheel steering] it is very tight and easy to turn. You don’t feel like the car is very big. It’s something I love about the performance of the car.

“I have the Driver Assistance Package, which is great for people who drive daily or like to take road trips,” Ning said. “It’s very functional, practical, but also helps to make your driving more pleasant. This is a feature I knew from my previous RS 3. When I got this car I had to grab this package. Along with the lane change and blind spot assist that most cars have, it has active cruise assist. If you’re driving on the DVP and it’s slow, you can put it on and it follows the car in front of you. You don’t really tire.

“It’s the best look between the BMW, the Mercedes and the Audi. I have the impression that it is even more beautiful than the Porsche Panamera Gran Turismo. If you look from behind or in front it is wider than normal [Audi] A6. Besides the wide body, it’s a bit lower and has a more aggressive rear bumper. I really liked the 22 inch of the car [V-Spoke Trapezoid style alloy] wheels. They look great and are part of the Black Optics pack, which included everything like the black exterior mirror housing and black bumper grille.

“For the interior, I got the Red RS 6 Design Package. For the look, this is my favorite pack. The interior is black with red stitching, which also matches the Tango Red Metallic finish of the car. Red is my favorite color. I probably had five or six red cars.

“I’m a car girl,” said Ning who is working on reintroducing the Porsche GT3 RS to his collection. “I had a lot of cars. It’s like my passion. Do you know how some girls like bags, and others like shoes? I like cars.”

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Renée S. Suen is a Toronto-based lifestyle writer / photographer and a freelance contributor to The Star. Follow her on Twitter: @rssuen


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