Women Entrepreneurship Day 2022: 8 women entrepreneurs are changing the current market ecosystem


On the occasion of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2022, meet these women entrepreneurs, who have established themselves in different sectors thanks to their hard work and determination.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2022: Gone are the days when jobs had a gender division; women over time have proven themselves in the professional world. It all started with the arrival of women on the labor market and the proof of their courage in all sectors. Over time, organizations have realized the power of women in the professional spectrum and how their empathy and organizational skills along with many other skills can make them great leaders. Today, gender equality is one of the main drivers for the success of any organization, city and even country. There must be will, understanding within the leadership team and continuous efforts to establish a dialogue within the organization, in order to create an enabling environment for women.

At the same time, women have also proven themselves in entrepreneurship in recent years. More women entrepreneurs have joined the bandwagon and proven their worth by owning businesses across the spectrum.

Meet these women entrepreneurs, who have established themselves in different sectors thanks to their hard work and determination.

  1. Ms. Sandhya Sakuja, Director, Vedic Cosmeceuticals Pvt. ltd.: She has over two decades of rich skincare and retail experience. She has an excellent vision of business and product development with in-depth knowledge of the wellness industry. At Vedic Cosmeceuticals, she drew on consumer behavior theories and brand trends in the personal care industry, and helped the company grow from a manufacturing-focused B2B to a solutions provider. holistic. As a concept auditor, she studies industry trends to ensure the viability of an idea, so that Vedic customers can make the most cost-effective and fastest decision for their products. She is one of the few female entrepreneurs dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing products in India.
  2. Sakshee Katiyal – CEO, Home & Soul: Sakshee Katiyal spearheads Home & Soul; a real estate company specializing in luxury housing projects such as Boulevard Walk, Beetle Lap, Page Three and F Premier. Sakshee set foot in real estate in 2007 and since then she has been constantly working to achieve wonders for the business. A dynamic leader with a holistic experience in operations, marketing, sales and customer relations, Sakshee has been instrumental in developing and delivering successful projects. Due to her diligence and hard work, Sakshee Katiyal is one of the few successful women entrepreneurs in Indian real estate. His main area of ​​interest is building partnerships and developing broader business relationships. Under his leadership, Home & Soul creates value through delivery excellence. Its focus on world-class design and architecture highlights the aspirational quotient of today’s Indians.
  3. Sulbha Kaushal Rai, Human Resources Manager, RenewBuy: She is a thorough human resources specialist with nearly two decades of experience in the field of human resources and people management. She is one of the few women to hold a management position in the financial sector. Currently associated with RenewBuy as CPO, she has been instrumental in streamlining employee-related functions within the organization, assessing human resource capacity, understanding business needs, making more diverse and inclusive organization, streamlining company policies and framework. She is also the founder of People Matrix, an HR consulting firm committed to leveraging the “People” asset for organizational success and creating a winning proposition for businesses and people. The organization helps with a multi-faceted approach in industry requirements related to HR.
  4. Yashika Arora, founder of Paw Petisserie: She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and UX designer by training. After working as a UX designer for a few years in Pune, she realized that was not what she wanted to do and moved back to Delhi with plans to join the family business. She started cooking for her pet Cristo in late 2016 and soon she was getting calls from friends and even strangers asking for a menu. And that’s when she realized there were other dog parents like her who were looking for safe baked goods for their pets without chemicals. So she started to explore more and added more items to the menu. And in mid-2017 Paw Petisserie was founded by her.
  5. Vithika Yadav, Founder of TeenBook: Teenbook is India’s first comprehensive life skills resource center for teens, teens, parents and educators. She is also the co-founder of Love Matters India, which is the very first website in India to provide comprehensive, honest and unbiased information on sexual and reproductive health and rights in India in Hindi and English. She is also currently Chair of the Global Advisory Council on Sexual Health and Wellbeing. In 2016, she was honored as one of the Top 120 Next Generation Family Planning Leaders Under 40 Worldwide by the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. In 2007 she received the Atlas Corps Fellowship and in 2012 she was recognized as one of the 99 Top Young Foreign Policy Leaders Under 33 in the World by Diplomatic Courier and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy in the States -United. Over the years she has worked for leading organizations such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, BBC World Service Trust, Free the Slaves and MTV EXIT.
  6. Sapna Aggarwal, Creative Director, ANSA Architecture & Interiors: Sapna Aggarwal, together with her husband, started Ansa Interiors in 2002 with an unwavering passion for interior design. She is currently Creative Director at Ansa and the Draw Pad Design Institute HOD. She has inspired and educated several interior design students through her lectures and workshops at colleges and institutes and has also been invited as a guest lecturer for many respected interior design colleges across the country. For nearly two decades now, she has been dedicated to bridging the gap between education and market trends, helping various aspiring interior designers. She has been on the list of favorites for her creative and innovative designs and is considered by many to be an esteemed professional. Her multiple talents and skills have helped her throughout her career to live her passion for design and entrepreneurship. She was the proud recipient of Global Leaders Awards 2018, Reality Leaders Awards 2017 for Best Interior Designer in Delhi and NCR, Leaders Awards 2016 for Most Admired Brand for Interior Design in Delhi and NCR. She also received the Igen top 50 Architect and Designers Award 2015.
  7. Divya Chethan – Co-Founder and Product Manager, CBREX: With CBREX, Divya’s mission is to simplify, accelerate and streamline the traditional hiring process using technology. The main idea behind CBREX was to provide a single platform where companies could hire any type of talent, anywhere in the world in record time and not spend a fortune to do so. The CBREX platform allows companies/employers and recruitment agencies to collaborate seamlessly. Employers can list all of their open requirements and recruitment agencies can help fill them. The process is efficient, fast and cost effective. CBREX’s machine learning algorithms speed up the fulfillment of applications by routing them only to the recruitment firms most likely to fill the position. Additionally, CBREX’s seamless onboarding process, application screening criteria, and resume scoring system allow companies to receive screened resumes at scale.
  8. Varna Bhat – Founder and CEO of Blisswater Industries Private Limited: A driven entrepreneur, Varna’s passion for exploration was not limited to academia. Her career path almost ended in the public service before realizing that bureaucracy was not her vocation and she decided to turn instead to marketing, creativity, innovation and branding. Blisswater Industries is the third entrepreneurial venture in Varna, having previously founded two companies – one in the field of developing green marketing solutions for brands, and the other in the field of experiential marketing. Varna has gained extensive brand building experience, including marketing and sales, which has helped her build a distinct identity for Blisswater Industries. Varna was fascinated by the alcohol industry and always wanted to start her own business. It’s traditionally been a male-dominated field, but Varna wanted to prove that there are no gender advantages in business. Instead, it’s for those who are willing to work extra hard to achieve success. In December 2020, Blisswater Industries launched its flagship Rahasya, the world’s only India-infused vodka. The company recently unveiled its second Yaksha product – a benevolent blend of the native Soma plant infused into whiskey. In addition to being an entrepreneur, she also acts as a mentor and advisor to several start-ups and growth-oriented SMEs.

Publication Date: Nov 19, 2022 3:27 PM IST


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